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All content has been taken from actual evaluations that former students completed at the end of the program. We hope these reviews will help answer your question regarding our intensive Japanese language program, and that the KCP student comments are useful to you in making an informed decision about applying. Enjoy — KCP Review!

I like how I was able to meet a diverse group of people.

Betsy from Summer Short 2019

I liked the short kanji tests everyday because they kept me focused on studying everyday. I also liked when we went over the grammar in the textbook.

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Yamanashi school trip was very fun and educational!

Emilyann from Summer Short 2019

The calligraphy and sushi making activities were engaging and a good way to learn about the culture.

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I found the cultural excursions to be the most exciting, for example, the trip to Yamanashi prefecture.

Rebecca from Summer Short 2019

Anything that involved the students to be outside of their normal classroom was something that I was able to look forward to.

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I enjoyed going to Yamanashi, TEPIA, and the sushi-making workshop. It was really nice to bring what we learned in the classroom out into the real world.

Allyana from Summer Short 2019

I deeply enjoyed joining the Koto and Utau Clubs. It has always been my dream to learn how to play an Asian zither instrument so I was very excited to go to the Koto club. After only having 4 sessions to practice the Koto, I was so delighted that me and my friends were able to play “Sakura.”

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The trip to Yamanashi was amazing. We got to see a peach farm and although Mt. Fuji was covered by clouds, the countryside was still a beautiful sight.

Joshua from Summer Short 2019

The most productive were the teaching styles used at KCP. I was able to learn much easier than I have in the past when using different books and teaching styles. Everything about the program was interesting and I don’t have a negative thing to say about it.

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Work diligently, go to class, study Kanji every day, and USE THE GRAMMAR PACKET.

Wyatt from Summer Short 2019

Class was very satisfying. Just learning from the incredible kind and fun teachers everyday made me very happy.

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I like that there was private bathroom and kitchen space for yourself. The dorm manager making meals was also an enjoyable part of living at the dorm.

Jackie from Summer Short 2019

Definitely study and do your homework before going out. There is always time to go out and explore. Remember your priorities! Talk to the professors if you have any trouble after class and go to English Support as much as you can.

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Be prepared to study! But also allow yourself time to enjoy Japan outside of class.

Megan from Summer Short 2019

I think the most productive aspect of the program was speaking with my classmates and teachers in Japanese inside and outside of class. It forced me to consider my thoughts in Japanese, so I learned a lot faster.

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I loved the closing ceremony I think that’s a great motivator and a happy fun get together which strengthens bonds even more! Tanakasan’s speech was beautiful! :’)

Yoshi from Summer Short 2019

The most productive was when a good teacher like Saito shows us what something means, acts out what that meaning is, maybe adding some humor in it to drive the point home, and practicing it with the students to fully make sure that overall, we’re understanding what’s going on.

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One of my favorite events that I got to participate in was going to the Sushi making workshop.

Brian from Summer Short 2019

We were taught by a well known Sushi chief at a school that is specifically for teaching people how to make sushi.

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KCP is a wonderful program for those looking to, 1) see their Japanese abilities exponentially grow, and 2) to experience the culture hands-on. It’s also a program for those who don’t simply seek to party either. The program’s rigorous and demands attention to your school work, health, and managing time in between. Basically, you live, eat, and breathe a Japanese lifestyle. It’s great.

—Valerie Taylor