Two Brilliant Fads by the Japanese

What do you get when you combine the Japanese’ unique fashion sense with their expertise in light technology? A whole lot of brilliant flashing lights used in most intriguing ways!

LED Teeth

Everyone knows that a smile can brighten up one’s face. But the Japanese have taken this concept a giant step further with one of their latest fads, the LED teeth. These are LED inserts placed on the teeth (similar to a mouth guard) which light up whenever you smile. These can be controlled by wireless remote and can even be made to blink or change color, from icy blue to wicked red.

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Also called a “party in the mouth”, flashing LED teeth on a bunch of young ladies is quite a sight to behold!

Dekotora Trucks

Huge trucks are hard to miss as they travel on the road but Dekotora trucks (デコトラ) are impossible to ignore. “Dekotora” is short for “Decoration Truck” and when you see one of these, especially at night, its image will probably be seared in your brain. These trucks are pimped up with all kinds of colorful flashing lights, looking like casinos on wheels.

Dazzling Dekotora trucks | 

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I can’t wait to see what fascinating fad the Japanese will come up with next!