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KCP is a wonderful program for those looking to, 1) see their Japanese abilities exponentially grow, and 2) to experience the culture hands-on. It’s also a program for those who don’t simply seek to party either. The program’s rigorous and demands attention to your school work, health, and managing time in between. Basically, you live, eat, and breathe a Japanese lifestyle. It’s great.

—Valerie Taylor

Practice worksheets for the grammar was the most helpful. It allowed me to try and apply my knowledge that I learned in class to make sure I fully understood the way particles are supposed to be applied. Talking in groups in class was also very helpful for becoming less shy with the language, since it can be scary to try and speak a language which I didn’t know very well.

—Spencer Cramm


Get a better picture of KCP students on various learning adventures; from classroom activities to visits to historical sites. Also, get a glimpse of the dorm/homestay life, and the KCP campus and neighborhood.

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Finding your way around Japan and the KCP neighborhood is much easier with a map. For your convenience, here are some to help guide you as you travel. Be sure to check out our virtual tour of the KCP building — a great introduction to our learning space.

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Read the writings of KCP students who share their travels, learnings and everything else from their stay in Japan.

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[The most productive and interesting aspects of the program was] probably staying late and talking to my teachers, asking questions about things I didn't understand

Abigail from Winter 2016

Just to push yourself harder than you would in America because this is the only time you have to vastly improve your Japanese – make friends with people who can’t speak English because it forces you to use what you have learned in class.

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The pace at KCP is challenging but helps me focus.

Brittany from Fall 2014

Be prepared to work hard, and achieve results. You’ll be surprised at how much you improve when you apply yourself. KCP is here to be your partner in education. Have an open mind, heart, and be prepared to put the time in to become fluent.

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