Academic Credit

Earn credit for Japanese language immersion.

Western Washington University has approved for academic credit courses taught at KCP International Japanese Language School. You can earn one year or more of language credit (either semester or quarter) each KCP semester term. Western will assign International Studies credits for Japanese Language courses and the Japanese Culture and Civilization course. Courses appear on a Western Washington University transcript about 30 days after you have completed the term.

KCP courses have been approved for credit by this university but it is up to each student to determine transferability of credit by your home school before you attend the program.

In the first week of class, you choose from three grading options: Grade (four-point scale), Pass/Fail, or Audit. Students who choose the Audit option participate fully in the course but do not earn academic credit.

Western Washington University will grant students 18 International Studies quarter credits for each language course and 4 International Studies quarter credits for the culture course. Credits will appear on a Western Washington University transcript as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (which is different from Pass/Fail). To earn “Satisfactory,” students must earn a C or better, so you must take your courses for a grade.


Course “semester” program Summer Short Term program
Quarter credits Quarter credits
Japanese Language
Credits 18 15
Classroom hours 200 165
Japanese Culture and Civilization
Credits 4 N/A
Classroom hours 25 Approx. 10
Excursion hours 35 Approx. 20

KCP Grade Report

KCP International uses the following information to report your grades to Western Washington University. It is up to your home university to decide how these credits will be labeled, evaluated, or count towards your major or minor. To order a KCP grade report, click here.

Course Names and Numbers

Level Title Course Credit*
1 Intensive Japanese I Japanese 110 12
2 Intensive Japanese II Japanese 210 12
3 Intensive Japanese III Japanese 310 12
4 Intensive Japanese IV Japanese 410 12
5 Intensive Japanese V Japanese 420 12
6 Intensive Japanese VI Japanese 430 12
Japanese Culture and Civilization Japanese 315 3

Course names and numbers subject to change without notice.

*For summer short-term, 10 semester credits are granted for the Japanese Language course. While the Japanese Culture and Civilization course is not offered for credit during summer short-term, students can participate in any lectures or excursions that are available during their time at KCP.


Kato-sensei’s English support class is a most helpful resource for U.S. students: she explains the material so well, and she’s amazingly patient.

—Minh Chu

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