Roaming around Shinjuku with Emily Cole

KCP is located in Shinjuku, the business, entertainment, and shopping center of Tokyo. There’s always something that catches the eye, whether it’s the bright store lights  by the streets or the spectacular foliage in Shinjuku Park. Fall 2012 student Emily Cole leads us around the KCP neighborhood through her photos.


Uniqlo stores can be found all over Tokyo. This one is about a 5-minute walk from school.


A common sight in Tokyo: Mopeds and a slew of parked bicycles.


Going out for coffee can sometimes be a little pricey in Tokyo (avoid Starbucks to escape sticker shock), but ChocoCro has pretty reasonable prices. 


Roaming the streets of Shinjuku.


Shot from a path outside of the Shinjuku Park gates.


I visited the park three times during my stay in Tokyo: once each month that I was there. Behind me stands one of the maple trees for which the park is so famous.

For more of Emily’s photos of Shinjuku, visit our Flickr set.  You can also read our other blog posts about Emily.  If you have a question for Emily about her photographs, please ask her.