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Japan Combats the New Coronavirus

Due to the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, there are discussions that the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo may be postponed. In a bold and radical move to put a halt to the further spread of the disease, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took the drastic step on Thursday, the 27th of February. The Japanese government are making aggressive moves to control any further spread of the coronavirus.

Though Japan, unlike other countries, has not experienced a sharp increase in reported infections, the country’s administration has made the decision to take a more cautious stance on combating the virus. Mr. Abe particularly mentioned that public elementary, junior high, and high schools should remain closed through spring break. He was however not explicit about universities and day care centers.

Some Japanese companies have also initiated teleworking policies as precautionary measures. This yet again is another drastic move since Japan has been opposed to allowing people to work from home.

KCP International staying more vigilant than the government amidst COVID-19

KCP campus building.KCP is taking the threat of the novel coronavirus very seriously, and our top priority is the safety of our students, teachers, and staff.

The Japanese government is viewing the next one to three weeks as an important turning point in Japan regarding the spread of Corona virus infection.

As a precautionary measure, KCP regards commuting on trains having potential risk of infection and on February 25th delayed the morning class starting time for 1 class hour for students to avoid heavy train rush hour and has decided to switch the daily classes to “online class” from the 28th of February. For a start, we are planning to continue this online education for a week. Depending on the situation we are considering extending it until we could confirm safer commute.

KCP students in all levels were informed about the method of taking this online class as a preparation for the current situation. Students are encouraged to stay at home to avoid unnecessary public exposure. The culture classes scheduled for the 29th of February and 7th of March are also temporarily postponed until matters at hand see a better light (In case we cannot confirm safer situation within the program period, we will need to cancel them).

KCP campus measures against COVID-19

In light of the current situation regarding the novel coronavirus, the KCP campus is applying the following measures:

  • Sanitizing of common facilities such as front entrance, reception counter, elevator, and other areas that come into contact by many people numerous times a day.
  • Rooms in the KCP campus will have proper ventilation.
  • Students are encouraged to report any symptoms felt. For students who are not feeling well, to stay home and rest instead of pushing oneself to attend class and to go see a doctor depending on the situation.
  • Setting alcohol sanitizers inside the school to promote hands sanitization to prevent infection.
  • Give guidance for prevention of infection such as proper hand washing and overall hygiene, adequate sleep, and balanced daily diet. Washing hands is the most important so frequent hand washing is encouraged. As a precaution, avoid close contact with other people.

Handwashing.Wash hands frequently. | Arlington County

KCP students are encouraged to maintain a good immune system in everyday life. It’s important to have enough sleep, have a healthy, balanced diet and eat meals three times a day, practice good hygiene, and not to stress. You can beat any virus by keeping these important things in mind!