Explore the culture, lifestyle, and excitement of studying abroad in Japan.

Dorm or Homestay?

The KCP program offers two choices for lodging while studying.  One is a dormitory and one is a family homestay.  Here’s a rundown of the…
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A KCP Summer

Ghibli Museum

Jenny Nulf My summer was a kaleidoscope of KCP learning and adventures. I won a lottery to attend a curry cooking class with other Japanese…
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Today in Japan: Gozan no Okuribi

On August 16 in Kyoto–today–some enormous bonfires are burning. Daimonji bonfire, Japan. |Laura Tomàs Avellana Spectacular okuribi bonfires on five Kyoto mountains signal the end…
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Top Tokyo museums

Okay, it’s certainly a matter of opinion.  But this is at least a place to start. Here’s a short list of must-see museums in Tokyo. …
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What Is Chindogu?

Wikipedia calls chindogu (珍道具–literally, chin dogu, unusual tool)) the Japanese art of inventing ingenious everyday gadgets that, on the face of it, seem like an…
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