What have KCP alumni gone on to do with their Japanese?

Some KCP alumni work for Japanese companies, or for American companies that do business with Japanese or in the Japanese market. Other alumni work in Japan through the JET program or become English teachers at English conversation schools or public schools in Japan.

The JET program does not require advanced Japanese language, but you do need a BA or BS degree to be accepted.

One student has extended his reach in Asia to South Korea, where he is on a Fulbright program. His knowledge of Japanese is greatly accelerating his learning of Korean. Another student, a photographer, has taken many professional photos of life in Japan. Some students have used the Japanese they learn for Japan studies, or becoming Japanese language teachers. Another student has chosen to combine her Japanese language and animé to become a film illustrator.

Others use Japanese to follow their favorite animé or manga, to keep in touch with Japanese friends or friends of other nationalities they met while at KCP, or to enjoy Japanese movies and television shows.