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Please come prepared to work hard. KCP is for serious students and those who come with the mindset of mostly play and little study will not thrive at KCP.

Rachel from Summer Short 2019

Start conversations with your non-American peers and do it often. You’ll find as you go along that you are speaking more and more Japanese and less English. It’s also fun to get to know the culture of your new friends!

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I enjoyed getting to explore the recreation of the old Japanese village, and wish I could have had more time to explore there.

Bryce from Summer Short 2019

One of the most interesting aspects of the program for me was being able to see so many new and interesting sights I would have never seen if I had not gone on the trip.

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Give this experience your all. Give into this experience. Try to make friends with locals in Japan. Explore the opportunities Tokyo has to offer and make the most of them.

Isaac from Summer Short 2019

The memories I made along the way, the passion they instilled in me, was fuel for my studies and made my want to learn Japanese ever greater. I believe if you embrace this opportunity with open arms and a determination to learn, it may become one of the best experiences of your life.

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The experience of doing guided meditation with a monk at Erinji Temple was something I probably would never have done without the KCP program, and it was a challenging, but I'm very glad I got to do it.

Molly from Summer Short 2019

Pair work was probably among the most helpful, as it allowed me to practice my speaking without the added pressure of speaking in front of the class. It was also a great context for getting to know the non-English-speaking students in my class, as it was sometimes difficult to initiate conversation otherwise due to the language barrier.

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Do all the homework given. Study a lot for the grammar and kanji tests. There is a way to study and have fun around Tokyo at the same time even in the 8 week program.

Evangelina from Summer Short 2019

I really like the style in teaching the language for the most part. Having to learn kanji has helped me retain a lot and being forced to speak Japanese on a daily basis also helped me grow in conversation and application of Japanese. I can’t think of anything that seemed the least interesting and productive since most of what was taught, I thought it was really important.

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Speaking in immersion classes: it promoted thinking in Japanese.

Katherine from Summer Short 2019

Stay on top of your homework and don’t be afraid to try new studying styles. Colorful pens are your friends.

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I enjoyed the tea ceremony and the sushi/Japanese dessert class because I wouldn't have done it on my own.

Chalyssa from Summer Short 2019

Small group sessions and practice conversations were the most helpful for me.

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I recommend KCP to anyone who would like to further their Japanese skills. Even my friends who had no prior experience learning Japanese before coming to KCP showed immense progress in being able to express themselves in Japanese after only two months.

Dianne from Summer Short 2019

I’ve made unforgettable connections during my time at KCP, and my experience has helped me realize how passionate I am about learning Japanese. I hope to continue studying Japanese and stay in touch with everyone I met during the program.

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I met some wonderful people at my dorm that I definitely grew strong bonds with due to being around one another so much. I didn't have any problems during my stay.

Darren from Summer Short 2019

I would suggest spending as much time as possible out on the town so you can hear people interacting and perhaps pick up on certain ways people talk or nuances they have when communicating.

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Don’t be afraid to talk to any of the staff members! Even if they aren’t your teacher or aren’t your specific program’s staff member, everyone is really nice and is there to help you get better!

Shannon from Summer Short 2019

Working with other students was really helpful, especially in group sessions. Group sessions offered the review I really needed to be up to pace with the level I was entering, and I don’t think I would have done as well if I hadn’t had the group sessions. Conversations with native Japanese speakers were also really helpful and exciting.

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This program has been awesome, and I learned a lot about Japanese language and culture within such a short period of time. The teachers are very patient and they try their best to encourage everyone’s participation by making the class fun. I would definitely recommend this school to other people who wants to go to Japan to study Japanese.

—Anita Lucius